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Nexus D850

A Nexus Housing for Nikon D850

The casting is complete corrosion resistant and makes this housing very lightweight compared to others weighing in at 2,220 grams with handles.  The handles remove easily for compact storage when traveling.  It supports dual optical and Nikons type sync ports allowing 4 strobes to be used at one time.

The M4 port size is 11 cm inside diameter making room for the new larger lenses and adding some buoyancy to the system. 

The push button controls are specially designed to prevent damage to the camera from excess press operation of the finger


Nexus D850 System Highlights & Specifications

  • Depth rated to 75m
  • Made from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Port (M4) diameter: 11 cm / 4.325 inches (inside diameter)
  • Weight (includes grip on land): 2,290g
  • Dimensions (without accessories): 317 x 135 x 189 mm (W x D x H)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty


Additional Information:

  • Port mount is M4 compatible with FX format
  • The strobe is X-tuned, you can use up to 4 lights at the same time for electrical connection and optical connection
  • The viewfinder is the optimum pickup finder for the D850.  There is also a diopter adjustment function up to the correction range ±2
  • The operability of the AF-ON button has evolved.  Alignment becomes unnecessary, and it can now be pressed at any time.  


Optional Accessories:

  • Optional function of an extended AF-ON lever
  • Body Cap M4 BC-4 (#15360)
  • M4 Port Adapter PA6-4 for Nexus M6 Ports (#15394)
  • M4 Port Adapter PA5-4 for Nexus M5 Ports (#42549)
  • 45 Degree Viewfinder 45-5 #20595
  • Straight Viewfinder -5 (#20612)




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